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MEDATEC is moving !

In order to keep serving you the best we can, we let you know that the office of Medatec at Square Jules Algoet 5, 1070 Anderlecht will move to a new address : Auguste Latour Street, 110. 1440 Braine-le-Château.

This change will take place the 20th of augustus

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Brainnet Software

The BFW (Brainnet for Windows) software is designed to fully exploit every possibility of your Medatec device. Its comprehensive list of advanced features is simply impressive : aEEG, quantified EEG, spike-wave analysis, FFT, CSA, etc. This exceptional software, which is continuously updated in line with the latest international guidelines, combines efifciency, flexibility and ease of use in an unrivaled way.

  • Create your own protocols
  • Integrate with hospital's IT systems (HL7, Citrix,...)
  • Scalable architecture, one PC up to dozens of workstations
  • Unique High-resolution graphic enhancement

  • BW3


Top-quality wireless digital EEG holter

As a pioneer of wireless EEG, BrainWalker3 is the ideal device for ambulatory EEG, with or without video recording, as well as for long-term monitoring in confined spaces (Holter, EEG, neonatology, ICU, etc.). Its wireless technology improves the patient’s comfort during longer recordings without compromising the signal quality or the number of channels.

  • Wireless transmission
  • Holter and on-line recordings
  • Huge battery life (60hrs)
  • Compact and lightweight



EEG advanced system

The latest addition to our Neurology product range stands out by its innovative technology : 24 bit Direct digital EEG, constant nonintrusive EEG quality monitoring, active reference switching, etc. make our Brainnet4 the perfect candidate for brilliant EEG recordings in any setting (routine, long-term monitoring, day or night epilepsy diagnosis, ICU, Neonatology, operating room, etc.).

  • Efficient, flexible, and ergonomic
  • 34 channels (24 bits) for a complete and accurate diagnosis
  • Up to 3 synchronous video cameras
  • DDE technology

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